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Mike “The Man” King

MMABeats: What is your Martial Arts/ Combat Sports Background?

Mike: My first wrestling match was…

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Colleen Brown: In Her Own Words What It Takes To Make Being An MMA Wife Work

What True Love Looks Like

So being the wife of a professional mixed martial artist in the UFC is…

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MMABeats: What is your MMA/ Combat Sports background?

Coach Jamie: My background is amateur boxing and co-founder of the second largest boxing program in the pacific northwest.

MMABeats: What is it like coaching Chael Sonnen?

Coach Jamie: When I am…

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Mike Straka

MMABeats:How did you go from being a VP and Executive Producer at Fox News to being involved with…

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Chris Pfeil: Chasing His Dream

MMABeats: How did you and Evan Thompson (UFC Fighter Stephen ”Wonderboy” Thompson’s younger…

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Joseph “Crush” Corneroli XFC Debut 2-22-13

Joseph and the Team Pitch Black folks

I recently had the opportunity to interview Joseph “Crush”…

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Wrestling Dropped from 2020 Olympics

When I heard that wrestling was going to be dropped from the 2020 Olympics I took the opportunity…

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One of my favorite people in MMA to interview is Ryan Couture. I was really excited at the opportunity to watch his fight against KJ Noons on Showtime. It had to be one of the best fights I had watched in a long time. Ryan is a tough as nails guy with a…

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